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Don’t let this happen to you
Today's messages is all about the fact that we need constant new inputs to keep moving us forward. Success in[...]
One of the keys to a great life is….
In today's message I talk about the importance of being 'useful' Our modern culture has a relentless focus on self-gratification[...]
The One Thing The People Around You Need
In today's episode I share the power of simple words and actions that show the people in your life that[...]
Letting Go Of Control
In today's messages I talk about the issue of control in our lives. We all have times when we try[...]
How To Change The World And Be Happier
In today's message I share a powerful insight from the 14th Century mystic Catherine of Siena. She reminds us all[...]
That One Big Problem You Can’t Fix
We all face moments when we get really stuck and it seems hard to press on and figure out what[...]
If you’re facing a tough time then remember this
In today's message I share the simple truth that no matter how bad things can get we always get tomorrow.[...]
Less Stress – More Life
In today's episode I respond to a listeners question about how to avoid stress and anxiety when chasing your dreams.[...]
The One Thing Most People Are Missing
When was the last time you really experienced silence. When did you last spend any amount of time in solitude[...]
Why We Need to Invest More in Relationships
In today’s episode I talk about the major cultural trend toward individualism and why we need to pick back. We[...]