Rejection can open doors

Here I am modelling two approaches to rejection. It can be crushing or a doorway into your next big leap of growth. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for a few weeks. When i got home from the airport last night there it was! Wow…where do we start with the...

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Coming to Grips with Fear

Here's what I'm reading. So many of us can probably admit that so many moments of our lives have been dominated by#fear. In my speaking and coaching work I am hoping to help more and more people come to grips with this issue. #motivation #entrepreneurship...

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Leaving a legacy

#legacy is such a powerful concept. Life is not just about you. It’s very much about what you leave behind. Over the years doing seminars for over 300,000 people I cam to realise that so many of us come from backgrounds of pain and difficulty. Even if your background...

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Putting Others First

The goal in life is to come second! Does that seem counterintuitive? As far as I am concerned Abraham Maslow was so wrong! The goal of life is self-transcendence and NOT self-actualisation. Think of the big things in life that really matter, marriage, parenthood,...

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Do What’s Hard

DAY 1 of 7 For the rest of your life whatever is easy…don’t do that. Do what is hard!” Over the next seven days I’m going to release one of the the seven key principles I use to teach on what it takes to become a fine man. A process I am still working on! Of course,...

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Executing Knowledge

I am reading so much good stuff at the moment but it's not that useful if I don't put it into practice. Use a journal regularly and keep writing down those key thins that you need to execute. #lifecoach #executive #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #business #pastor...

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Finding Your Purpose

Here is the next book I have been working through for a while. I have a habit that drives my wife crazy in that when i start a book I always finish it. The book reminds me of a truth that is becoming clearer in my life all the time. I am coming to the position that...

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Staying Focussed

There has been a fair bit of commentary lately about the possible demise of one of the largest and most successful brands in history…McDonalds. One of the issues is not just that people are becoming more health conscious but that McDonald’s made the wrong response by...

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Finding Joy

Joy!!!! It’s one of those things that is hard to define but you know it when you feel it. This photo was taken on the way up a motorised toboggan ride where me and my little friend here are about to ignore all the caution signs and 'BRAKE HERE' signs and just rip shit...

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About Jonathan Doyle

Life offers us so many possibilities. I’ve always been interested in why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success and why so many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.


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